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Virtual CFO Over Coffee

Virtual CFO Over Coffee is a DBA of The Loan Doctor& Associates Inc. Virtual CFO Over Coffee is a new service dedicated to advising  business owners on all aspects of financial management and growth. The sessions can be very short, medium or large depending on the clients time and budget. Required fees will be discussed on the initial discovery call.  All sessions will be conducted  virtually via Zoom.
Samples of client questions could include but not be limited to 
What is the best kind of loan for my business?
How do I access a bank loan to finance growth?
How do I make a larger profit?
How do I create a simple cash flow budget to manage my cash flow?
How do I create a 12 month Profit & Loss budget?
How do I pick a good banker & CPA?
How do I grow properly?
How to use Key Performance Indicators?
How do I increase the value of my Business over time?
and  others….
All services provided by Virtual CFO Over Coffee are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 
Virtual CFO Over Coffee is like having  coffee with an experienced  MBA and business owner which are the credentials of  your advisor Eugene E. Valdez.
Contact  Eugene Valdez to set up your complimentary initial discovery call ! 909-2300024, evaldez@theloandoctor.loans


The information and mentoring services offered by CEO 2 Rain Maker are designed to support you in attaining your business objectives. It is important to note that we do not provide guarantees regarding the outcomes of our mentoring or the accuracy of the materials presented. Your choices, actions, and overall outcomes remain your own responsibility. CEO 2 Rain Maker cannot be held accountable for any damages, losses, or claims that may arise from the utilization or misinterpretation of our mentoring services. While we are dedicated to aiding your success, it is crucial to acknowledge your role in decision-making and implementation.