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Virtual Mentoring Over Coffee

The CEO to Rainmaker Podcast is a dba of The Loan Doctor and Associates, Inc.

“Virtual Mentoring Over Coffee” is a new service with the same mission statement as the Podcast: Small Business Management Education.

The difference between the two is the following:
When it comes to a small business there are two factors that apply to all CEOs, their time is precious and they have budget constraints. Further, CEO’s may have an occasional business challenge or are contemplating growth or just want to bounce some ideas off someone they respect. There are many private sector coaches/consultants capable of filling that role but the good ones have hourly rates in the $125.00 to $500.00 range or require expensive monthly retainers. There are many non-profit organizations such as SCORE or Small Business Development Centers that offer coaching and mentoring services for free but there are limitations to their expertise.

Virtual Mentoring Over Coffee provides quick, high-quality professional mentoring and coaching at a cost that will fit your budget. Virtual Mentoring Over Coffee Is Like Having Coffee With An Experienced MBA.

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The information and mentoring services offered by CEO 2 Rain Maker are designed to support you in attaining your business objectives. It is important to note that we do not provide guarantees regarding the outcomes of our mentoring or the accuracy of the materials presented. Your choices, actions, and overall outcomes remain your own responsibility. CEO 2 Rain Maker cannot be held accountable for any damages, losses, or claims that may arise from the utilization or misinterpretation of our mentoring services. While we are dedicated to aiding your success, it is crucial to acknowledge your role in decision-making and implementation.