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Eugene Valdez has an experience of over forty years and has been a publicly renowned speaker, business author and a business professor.

A number of articles on Entrepreneurship have been written by him for different magazines and newspapers.

He has recently started off with an educational podcasts to help small business owners and young entrepreneurs learn about executive skills that can help them learn the art of staying in business for long.  

So, today’s topic for discussion is:

Conversational Growth :

To get to the depth of anything, you have to Interact.

You don’t – You lose!

This element of interacting and engaging is known as The Conversational Growth Strategy.

Interacting and engaging is an essential part of nearly each and every business operating today. A business that fails to engage with its target market can never gage what their audience expects from them. This interaction can either take your business to the top or limit your scope.

Now, We do understand that it is not easy to interact with so many people at the same time but with the fast paced world we live in today, the options to ease out these engagements are unlimited.

Take for example, An on-line marketing store needs to stay connected with the end-users at all times. So, they simply hire a Chat-Assistant who is available to answer the queries from consumers at all times.

This is from where either can your consumer go satisfied or choose not to opt for you.  

The more you satisfy them through your conversations, the chances of locking business with them become higher.

By being available and interacting more, you make your end-user feel important.

How does Conversational Growth Strategy help ?

The conversational growth strategy helps you to not only gain more consumers, prospect buyers but also build a long-term connection with them.

Its a basic Human psychology, that an individual feels more important when responded to on immediate basis compared to when kept on hold for long.

People these days, prefer a communication like this, that is

So, how does optimization play a role in the Conversational Growth Strategy?

If a product keeps appearing on your screen or say news feed, there is an 85% chance that you will have a look at it at least for once. This is called the optimization technique that keeps reminding you of that product despite you being not so interested in it.

Technically, Optimizing refers to reaching out to the right audience, with the right message at the right time through the right channel.

In order to deliver your message effectively, you need to plan on your distribution strategy by assessing the Strengths and Weaknesses of the channels and working on them accordingly.

Lets suppose, you being already aware that sending an email can cause your end-user to give a much delayed response whereas opting for a live chat on Messenger or perhaps a phone call would expedite the results. However, you still choose to send an email – This eventually will lead to a decline in the conversion rate of your end user.


The answer is simple, that is: your conversation is not magnetic.

Now the question rises, How can we implement the Conversational Growth Strategy?

A few steps to implement the growth strategy could be as under:

Give them the authority to decide :

When you let your users decide, they sure will reach to a point where they’ll require your guidance. And this means you having to walk them through resulting in a conversation that will lead to conversions of your prospect buyers to long-term consumers.

Make sure that you are available to converse with your end-users via all communication means. Let them pick!

Assess the Channels:

Assess the preferences of your end-users and see where do they prefer to connect. This will help you stay readily available for a beneficiating conversation.

Your forecasting should help your predict which channels to choose.

Add CTA’s to your channel:

Engaging prospect buyers can initially get challenging but not if you leave them with a CTA. For example: Inviting a user to your page and offering them “Let us call you back” can help you get the gage their attention.

Drop the conversation at the Right time:

Don’t drag

The initial few exchanges should be enough for you to decide whether or not is the conversation worth the effort.

Ensure equipping your agents to be well trained in identifying conversations worth their time.

Keep Improvising:

Remember! There is always a room to improve. Keep learning, keep growing. Don’t let your difficult prospect consumers stop you from growing.

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