Slang label to own urinating to your some one inside the a sexual perspective

Wonderful Shower

Generally some thing skilled from the some one towards “urolagnia,” the newest technical name getting “piss enjoy” otherwise “water-based activities.” Golden shower curtains are considered quite perverted by many people, however, theyre definitely a lot more traditional than simply using feces (“scat gamble”).

Etymology: Fantastic bath virtually means urine flowing off more than individuals, as the urinate is typically slightly yellow – however will in the wonderful shower porno, their much closer to clear, just like the performers take in many liquids to be capable urinate so much more, which means that theyre a whole lot more hydrated, and therefore dilutes the colour of one’s urinate.

“We hardly ever really know she is actually nasty this way up until you to definitely date I asked the girl if she planned to shower beside me and she told you, ‘Sure… but only when the a fantastic bath.”

Distance High Pub

Title for the people who may have had intercourse while on an enthusiastic jet during the mid-heavens. It’s become more challenging to join article-9/eleven on account of increased trip regulation and you will security features.

Etymology: Generally seems to date back on 70s. Airplanes normally fly closer to 6 or seven miles a lot more than soil on driving altitude, however, “Distance high bar” keeps an enjoyable ring so you’re able to they.

“Samantha and i is flying so you’re able to Rome next week. Ive usually wished to go into brand new Mile large bar, however, in all honesty towards means flights try these days… maybe Sick be happy with just an informal makeout in our chairs.”

Good MILF is generally a beneficial cougar – however, especially one who has actually youngsters. With brand new less popular variants DILF, and GMILF/GPILF. Commonly used a reputation towards porno style featuring earlier performers having sexual intercourse having more youthful women or men. MILFs are often cougars.

Money Attempt

Porn title to have video footage from a male star ejaculating, will on his lovers system or face, typically within climax of the porno movie. Every currency test is a beneficial big load of cum, however all cumshot is actually a loans sample, while the porno movies tend to element several cumshots. Over time, the expression has arrived so you’re able to imply the latest climactic otherwise crucial shot various other media, as well.

Etymology: So called from the effect one audience desire viewing the new time from male orgasm, additionally the motion picture wouldnt end up being value things without one.

“Yesterday my mom strolled into the to the me personally watching porno… We panicked and you will hit pause however it try right at the brand new currency try. However, one thing have been uncomfortable during the morning meal yesterday.”


Dating euphemism created in the well-known online streaming service to own every night the place you ask some one over to your place ostensibly so you’re able to “check out Netflix and you may cool” but in reality, the primary determination should be to make love with her. Although not, adopting the label turned into conventional, the its sexual characteristics seemed to disappear, as some one started to jokingly utilize it to simply indicate viewing some thing towards Netflix versus actually carrying out anything, whether or not by yourself otherwise with a partner.

“So did some thing ever exercise thereupon woman you were smashing to the?“ “Nah. I inquired the woman out to Netflix and you can chill, however, she never ever answered. Perhaps she simply goes out with males who want to grab the woman towards the actual schedules.“


Mainly outdated jargon identity to have intercourse. Got an enormous boost in the general public consciousness as a result of Limp Bizkits 1999 track “Nookie.”

“The guy told you he uses like half of your day jacking out of every date and i said, ‘Wow, you think about nookie this much?”


Whenever men ejaculates towards a good womans shoulder and you can upper bust – generally immediately after she’s got provided your a blowjob when you’re kneeling.

Etymology: Strands or ropes away from light-ish semen to a womans shoulder you are going to evoke a great pearl necklace, that is made up of also light-ish dear beans.

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