In this episode, ex-banker Gene Valdez reveals critical information about getting your business financed and how to use financial institutions to your business’s advantage. 

Gene has worked with hundreds of businesses and started a few of his own. He knows the financials around launching a new enterprise and scaling an established brand. Listen as he points out common limiting factors. Existing businesses – beware of complacency!

Other tips include:

  • How to qualify your business for a loan
  • What you’ll need to show the banks – including their #1 priority in making the loan decision
  • When to use a short-term loan versus a line of credit
  • How to avoid being this statistic: over 50% of businesses fail in the first five years
  • The power of referral marketing
  • And a heads up to CEO’s on priority skillset 

Gene’s distinguished career as a banking executive spans 40-years.  He’s worked for some of the world’s largest banks like Wells Fargo, Bank of California, and Citizens Business Bank. 

He’s started three businesses of his own, authored a book titled “How to Start a Business From Scratch,” and currently runs a firm called The Loan Doctor Associates, where they coach owners and CEO’s on finance and strategic planning. Gene doesn’t take sides. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and his MBA from USC!

I think you’ll get a lot of useful insights today. Enjoy the show!

Get in touch with Gene Valdez, The Loan Doctor: Office: 909-230-0024

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