The process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the drive. You can start the defragmentation process at any time, including overnight, to maximize the effects of the defragging. Anvi Ultimate Defrag provides an ultimate solution to ultimately optimize your computer disk. It is easy to use, light to install and efficient to defrag.

  • Learning how to use Snipping Tool Windows 10 is beyond the scope of this guide but it’s easy when you launch the app on your PC.
  • For some ideas on what to install, read our roundup of the best apps for Windows 11.
  • Taking a screenshot on Windows 10 is incredibly easy.
  • That is, it is already open in the background to speed up this access, and this can end up interfering with the hard drive.

However, in general, 256GB of storage should be enough for most people. The maximum number of SSD that a laptop can have is currently unknown, but it is most likely limited to two. Upgrading your laptop RAM is typically not possible. Laptop RAM is sold in 4GB increments and most laptops do not have slots for additional RAM. PowerUI allows us to apply automation capabilities based this link on PowerShell and community scripts. It is an unofficial, open source and free customization tool, which is responsible for bringing together a large number of Windows 11 configurations.

New Microsoft Store Policies

By taking a screenshot, you can capture an image of your entire display—or just an area of it. Windows 10 has a variety of built-in tools for easily capturing a screenshot, and we’ve also got some even more powerful third-party tools to recommend. Snagit is a screenshot tool that allows you to create animated GIFs, take full-page screenshots, and more.

No, for now, it seems that the Windows 11 update will not be lost. The update is currently available for free to all users and should be available for at least a year. However, if you are a die-hard Windows 10 user looking to hold out till 2025, then it is likely that Microsoft will monetize the upgrade in the coming years. For now, the upgrade should be free till October 2022.

Logging out of the Microsoft store

Click this button, type a brief message in the chat window that opens, and click Send. Similarly, if you use your computer a lot, you should occasionally defragment your hard drive. This process organizes your hard disk, storing files closer together so it doesn’t take as long to fetch them.

S mode is now only available for the Windows 11 Home edition. S mode — a version of Windows only lets users run Microsoft Store apps. While in S mode, users must use the Bing search engine and the Microsoft Edge web browser.

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