One of the more remarkable aspects of the 104th Method is Fernando’s presence. Not like most of the process’s cast, he is definitely the only one including with a handicap. As a result, this individual has to make perform on a limited budget. And, to boost the mix, this individual has to establish his strength in the real life. This is simply no small task.

One of many things he gets to upgrade with, there’s these wheelchair. In fact , he has probably the most experienced of his peers. He likewise gets to practice his selecting skills in the process. Of course , his biggest challenge is normally keeping his temper under control. But hi there, what’s existence without predicament?

Over a more positive observe, Ben has a excuse to explore the wonderful city that is New York. To his credit, he’s not reluctant to take a chance and he has certainly not afraid showing ’em what he’s got. Indeed, he makes an effort to eschew the lusterless by going done in on his hobbies and interests.

As an example, he’s taken up an performing gig to hone his craft. Pretty good for a Texan who’s only experienced the country meant for five many months. Additionally, he have not strayed too much via his residence state’s ghetto-esque environs. However, he’s managed to make one or two forays in the Big Apple, albeit together with a handful of partners. Besides, Ben is not really complete tool set. After all, he is a millennial, albeit an accomplished millennial.

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